Spring After a Long Winter

by Irene Roger 03/04/2019

There’s no denying that winter seems exceptionally long and drawn out in years with extreme weather. If you’re longing for Spring, but it’s still weeks away, you can make some small changes in your home to add that “Spring Feeling” and ride out the worst of the winter blues.


With holiday decorations long put away, a wintery home can seem a bit blah. With less light coming in the windows and leaves bare of trees, the gray theme is both outside and inside. Freshen up your indoor palette with these uncomplicated (and inexpensive) splashes of color.

  • Change out your towels. Give your bathroom a pre-Spring refresh with pastel towels in favorite colors such as pink, aqua, or yellow. Or, add colorful floral hand towels to evoke the upcoming season.
  • Recover or replace a couple of pillows. A simple change in accent pillows dramatically updates a sofa or reading chair.
  • Bring in the flowers. From a simple, inexpensive floral spray from your grocery store to a dramatic arrangement, fresh flowers always bring happiness and joy to a home. If you can't afford the real thing or have allergy problems that preclude the pollen that fresh flowers bring, find the next best thing in realistic looking (and feeling) tulips or lilies from your local craft retailer. Some faux flora and fauna are so realistic that your guests may not know the difference.

Lighten up

  • If you have heavy curtains or window coverings, open them up. Bring in as much light as possible.
  • Change out light bulbs for "daylight" LEDs. With all the LED choices on the market, the ones marked "daylight" will bring light most similar to full-spectrum sunlight into your home. Remember, LEDs last up to 20 years, so while a bit pricier on the front end, they'll save you money over time and reduce your electric bill too. When shopping for LED bulbs, select by lumens, not wattage. A lumen is the accurate measure of brightness in light while wattage refers to the amount of electricity it takes to operate. Daylight bulbs give the best effect in overhead and recessed lighting.
  • Start bringing in lighter fare to your diet. Add Spring-Mix greens, some lemon zest, or bright red, orange, and yellow bell peppers to your salads. Look for floral, herbal teas and change up from hot to iced.

Prep for Spring

Take the time now to gather your supplies for Spring cleaning so that you’re ready when that random warm day pops up. And, if you're planning to move in the Spring, contact your agent now to get in on an early-bird posting of your perfect new home.

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